Churches, non-profit agencies and other organizations can use the foundation for responsible, long-term management of their endowment funds. An organizational endowment is a permanent fund, which provides for an agency’s ongoing support.

Organizational endowments offer many benefits:

  • The Foundation’s investment expertise saves time and effort for already overburdened staff and volunteers.
  • The Foundation assumes fiduciary duty and responsibility, relieving your board from the legal liability associated with financial management.
  • By combining funds for investment, our return is typically higher than those invested individually.
  • Your organization receives 4.5% of the fund value each year.
  • The endowment provides greater income as additions are made and the fund grows.
  • An endowment is an excellent way for donors to provide for your ongoing support.

huber_paul“Most non-profit organizations don’t have the luxury of skilled financial managers handling their investments. That’s why the Foundation is such a valuable resource. We can leverage our position to help non-profits maximize their investment through an organizational endowment.”

Paul Huber, Founding Director

Fund Minimums

A new fund can be established with a minimum gift of $5,000. (Gifts of any amount may be added to existing funds.) Pending Funds are also available to those who lack the minimum to create a fund but anticipate being able to complete funding within five years.