Grant Guidelines and Application

We award discretionary grants twice yearly to assist non-profit organizations to meet the changing opportunities and needs in Crawford County.

Grant Application

Complete and submit the Foundation’s grant application online when you have determined you are eligible.

Discretionary grants are made from a number of funds:

  • Projects throughout Crawford County may receive support from the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund and Ben Franklin Trust.
  • Titusville-area projects are financed from the Fred Lintner Fund and the Titusville Fund.
  • Programs for children and youth receive support from the Bernadene R. and John B. Cooley Fund.
  • Grants from the Marian and Vincent Barsch Fund support cemetery preservation projects throughout Crawford County.
  • Faith-based and religious programs in the Titusville-area may apply for funding from the Albert L. Carlson Fund.
  • You can review a list of grants we have awarded in the past to learn more about the types of projects we fund.


We recognize that community life can be improved and enhanced in a variety of ways. With that recognition, we support projects/programs that improve the quality of life in Crawford County, PA through:

  • Agricultural, horticultural, environmental protection and/or beautification
  • Arts and culture
  • Benevolent, charitable and/or civic functions


  • We DO ACCEPT grant applications from:
  • Tax-exempt nonprofit entities
  • Governmental bodies
  • Municipalities
  • Schools


  • The Foundation will give preference to proposals which:
  • Incorporate preventive and/or curative approaches to addressing significant community problems
  • Promote cooperation among existing agencies
  • Avoid program duplication
  • Improve upon the effectiveness of existing organizations
  • Have multiple funding sources and can leverage other financial sources
  • Have identifiable and measurable impact upon our community
  • Utilize volunteers effectively
  • Community development
  • Education and/or literary pursuits
  • Health and/or safety
  • Research/scientific development

We DO NOT ACCEPT grant applications for:

  • Annual campaigns or endowments
  • Routine operating expenses
    (i.e., salaries, rent, and/or utilities)
  • Political purposes
  • Loans

Grants to Faith Based and Religious Programs

We make grants to faith-based and religious programs only to organizations in the Titusville-area from the Albert L. Carlson Fund. We do not have a source of funding for these types of programs in the rest of Crawford County.

Grants from our other funds are only made to faith-based and religious organizations which serve broad and non-sectarian purposes, regardless of the faith of those they serve. Examples include: churches, synagogues, or other religious organizations that have food or clothing pantries for the poor or support work among the poor; hospitals or colleges serving broad areas such as health care and education. We are public and non-sectarian in our structure and governance and primarily support organizations that are not affiliated with a particular religious faith or denomination.

Application Review Process

Our Grants Committee, composed of experienced community volunteers, will conduct thorough evaluations of completed grant applications, including telephone interviews or on-site visits, in appropriate. Applicants should be aware that the Grants Committee may consult with other funders and community leaders when considering various grant applications. The Grants Committee will make grant recommendations to the Board of Directors for their final approval.

Our Board of Directors acts on grant applications in January and July. To be eligible for consideration, a complete application must be received by the Foundation on or before June 15th or December 15th. Please submit applications well before funding is needed. (For example, if you have a program beginning in the summer, submit an application before the December deadline.) Requests to fund completed or in-process programs will not receive full consideration.

Available Funds

We have limited funds available for grants. The average award is $1,000.00. Historically, grant awards have ranged from $200.00 to $3,000.00. Please consider these limitations when making your request.

Grant Application

Should you feel that your project or organization meets the requirements outlined, complete and submit the Foundation’s discretionary grant application online.