Area of Interest Funds

Area of Interest funds are created by people who identify broad areas (for example, arts, education or youth) toward which the Foundation directs funding in their name. Area of Interest Funds under our management include:

Marian and Vincent Barsch Fund

An area of interest fund established by the will of Vincent Barsch in 2013. It benefits the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation and/or the preservation of Crawford County, Pennsylvania cemeteries, as directed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Bernadene R. and John B. Cooley Fund

An area of interest fund established by the will of Bernadene Cooley in 2007. It benefits grantmaking to programs for children and youth.

Ben Franklin Trust

Originally established by the will of Ben Franklin in 1788. Through legislation, a portion of this fund was distributed to community foundations in the Commonwealth. The Crawford Heritage Foundation established this fund in 1999 as an area of interest endowment fund to benefit grantmaking in Crawford County.

Fletcher Huntington Hequembourg and Julien E. Hequembourg, Jr. Fund

An endowment fund established by the will of Elizabeth F. Hequembourg in 1939 and transferred to the Crawford Heritage Foundation in 2004. It benefits health programs at Titusville Area Schools.

Fred Lintner Fund

An area of interest fund established by the will of Fred Lintner in 1945 and transferred to the Crawford Heritage Foundation in 2003. It benefits grantmaking in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

Raymond Philip Shafer Foundation

The Raymond Philip Shafer Foundation was established in 2005 to promote civic responsibility and governmental participation at all levels by high school and college students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The foundation is a tribute to former Gov. Raymond Philip Shafer’s life of public service.

The primary focus is educating young people about their rights and obligations as citizens, including knowledge of public policy, voter registration, and consideration of public service as a career. Grants are awarded to organizations promoting nonpartisan political participation. Scholarships are also provided to college students majoring in political science and who demonstrate a strong interest in politics and the electoral process.

To apply for a discretionary grant from the Bernadene R. and John B. Cooley Fund, Ben Franklin Trust and/or Fred Lintner Fund, click here.

Interested in Establishing a Fund?

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