Unrestricted Fund

Crawford Heritage Foundation Unrestricted Fund

Grants from the Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund are made twice yearly to eligible organizations to respond to the community’s changing needs. The Unrestricted Fund was primarily established through the philanthropy of Dr. and Mrs. David Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lang, Sr., Dr. and Mrs. John Nesbitt and Rev. Dr. William A. Smith. A bequest from the estate of Patricia Ann Downer in memory of her parents, Andrew McAlister Downer and Irene C. Downer, significantly added to the endowment.  It continues to grow with support from many generous people in the community.

To apply for a discretionary grant from the Unrestricted Fund, click here.

You can make a gift on-line to the Crawford Heritage Foundation Unrestricted Fund or any of our funds with your credit card. Start by clicking here on this JustGive link.

I live and work here and want to see this area grow and thrive. That doesn’t happen without a lot of generous people giving back some of what they have. I would like more people to give to the Unrestricted Fund. I support it, because it’s one of the few places area nonprofits can go when they need money to tackle a challenge.

~ Judith Griffin, Director