Every day, we’re exposed to stories and images in the news of poverty, disease and neglect across America’s communities. You may ask yourself “What can I do?” Often these situations appear overwhelming, and we remain inactive. But, take a moment to consider our community. Many of these same issues affect us here in Crawford County. Perhaps it’s a neighborhood park now silent and vacant, or local youth with few positive outlets for their energies, or seniors struggling to afford medication.

When we see the problems of the world on a community level, they can often appear less overwhelming. We can organize a park clean up, volunteer as mentors to young people, and support organizations offering healthcare to seniors and low-income families. Options exist and they appear achievable. Even with committed individuals and organizations collaborating to address these issues however, securing funding for necessary programs and initiatives can be difficult.

 How can concerned citizens do to ensure that money will always be available to support and uplift the good work of good people?

The first community foundations were created in response to that question. The Crawford Heritage Foundation is the community foundation, serving all of Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The Foundation provides a resource for the management of charitable funds and a framework for individuals to make gifts benefiting the community. The Foundation permanently invests funds and uses the earnings to meet the charitable needs of the community. Funds are pooled to minimize costs and maximize the amount disbursed to worthy causes.