Dwight Haas Bequest Society

The Dwight Haas Bequest Society honors those people who have invested in our community’s future by including the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plan.

Planned gifts from an estate benefit the community in perpetuity. They may be directed towards one of the Foundation’s current beneficiary organizations or funds, or can be used to establish a new fund for nearly any charitable purpose you wish. A minimum gift amount is not required. However, at least $5,000 is needed to establish a new fund.

We don’t require you to tell us the amount of your gift. But, if you plan to start a new fund, we encourage you to discuss the details of with us to ensure that we can comply with your wishes.

The bequest society is named in honor of Dwight Haas, retired Executive Director of the United Way of Western Crawford County. Dwight came to our community from Dayton, Ohio, where they have had a community foundation since 1921. He thought it essential that one be created here. After his retirement from the United Way, Dwight spurred the effort to establish the foundation and served on our Board of Directors for fourteen years.

Charitable bequests are typically included as provisions in a will, but there are other options. You can also make the Foundation the beneficiary (in whole or in part) of an insurance policy, charitable trust, individual retirement account (IRA) or 401K.

To join the Bequest Society, simply notify the Foundation in writing of your intent. We provide a confidential statement of intent form for this purpose. Your planned gift to the Foundation may be altered at any time but we ask that you inform us of the change.

The Foundation recommends that you discuss a planned gift with a financial and legal advisor to ensure that it meets your needs while it benefits the community. Contact a Foundation representative to discuss how we can assist you to leave a legacy here in Crawford County.

I think it is important for successful people to share their blessings; while anonymous giving is admirable, the trend is toward making gifts public to inspire others to do the same.

~ Dr. John Nesbitt, Founding Director


Bequest Society Members

The Foundation offers its sincere appreciation to the following people for their foresight and generosity.

Vincent E. Barsch*
Bronwell Bond
Tim Brady
Huntington Christie
Austin Clark* and Betty Clark*
Richard Clark
Bernadine R. Cooley
Rev. Dr. Barry Cressman and Lynn Cressman
Ed Cronin and Suann Cronin
Dirk Cummings and Margaret A. Stadtler
Jeanette deHaven
Laverne Detweiler* and Ilabelle Detweiler
Richard R. Eakin and Dianne M. Eakin
Edward P. Edinger and Doris M. Edinger
Adrienne L. Geddes
Liana L. Gray
Mary Grippi*
Dwight Haas* and Janet Haas
Mary Beth Hagamen*
Jonathan Helmreich and Nancy Helmreich
John K. Hodges
Paul L. Huber and Frances Huber
John Klinginsmith
Dr. David Kirkpatrick* and Marnie Kirkpatrick

Christine B. Lang
Lester L. Lenhart
Ken Lindberg and Judy Lindberg
Eve Joy Link
Christian Maher
Lawrence Mencotti and Melissa Mencotti
Ed Mengel and Carol Mengel
Keith and Debbie Mink
Kenneth Montag
Shawn Naples
Dr. John B. Nesbitt and Lucy Nesbitt
Robert P. Peterson and Cheryl A. Peterson
Nancy Price
Jean L. Randall
Thomas M. Redmond and Dorothy L. Redmond
James Sagan and Diane Sagan
Lewis C. Schaff and Peggy T. Schaff*
Rev. Dr. William Smith*
Donald E. Snyder and Nancy J. Snyder*
John Sperry and Jody Sperry
Donald E. Snyder and Nancy J. Snyder*
John Sperry and Jody Sperry
Frank Uhlin and Sandra Uhlin
Clyde Walton and Marie Walton
Paulette Widmann