Donor Directed Funds

Funds can be established by individual people, families and businesses to support almost any charitable purpose. They may be for either restricted or unrestricted purposes.

Unrestricted Funds

Through the establishment of an unrestricted fund, donors permit the Foundation to respond to the changing opportunities and needs in Crawford County with grants to deserving organizations.

Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds are those for which the donor’s preferences or designations play a defined role in the grantmaking process. These funds include:

  • Area of Interest Funds
    Donors identify broad areas of interest to them (for example, arts, education or youth) toward which the Foundation directs funding.
  • Donor Advised Funds
    Donors make grant recommendations to the Foundation and may vary their recommendations or change their charitable priorities at any time.
  • Donor Designated Funds
    Donors identify specific organizations or programs which are to consistently receive grants from their funds.
  • Scholarship Funds
    Donors or Businesses create a scholarship fund and may dictate criteria for the recipients such as underprivileged students, field of study, or academic merit.

Organizational Endowments

Churches, non-profit agencies and other organizations can use the foundation for responsible, long-term management of their endowment funds.

Organizational endowments offer many benefits:

  • The Foundation’s investment expertise saves time and effort for already overburdened staff and volunteers.
  • The Foundation assumes fiduciary duty and responsibility, relieving your board from the legal liability associated with financial management.
  • By combining funds for investment, our return is typically higher than those invested individually.
  • Your organization receives 4.5% of the fund value each year.
  • The endowment provides greater income as additions are made and the fund grows.
  • An endowment is an excellent way for donors to provide for your ongoing support.

Most non-profit organizations don’t have the luxury of skilled financial managers handling their investments. That’s why the Foundation is such a valuable resource. We can leverage our position to help non-profits maximize their investment through an organizational endowment.

~Paul Huber, Founding Director

Fund Minimums

A new fund can be established with a minimum gift of $5,000. (Gifts of any amount may be added to existing funds.) Pending Funds are also available to those who lack the minimum to create a fund but anticipate being able to complete funding within five years.

My wife, Lynn, and I have included a bequest as part of our estate plan. Thirty years ago you could leave a few thousand dollars in your will for a bank to administer a trust. They would take care of making sure the earnings went to charity each year after your death. These days, it’s not worth it to them unless you have at least half a million dollars. The Foundation was created to fill this gap. A fund can be created with as little as $5,000. And, you choose who the fund will benefit—your church, the YMCA, United Way or any charitable organization you believe in.

~ Rev. Barry Cressman, Founding Director