Investing In Our Community

Community foundations were begun to give donors of all means the advantages and satisfactions of philanthropy.

Give How and Where You Want

Giving to the Foundation can be as simple as an outright gift to an existing fund of the Foundation or as detailed as the establishment of a new fund. You direct the way your gift is used. You may support a specific organization, area of interest, or scholarship fund, or leave the decision to the Foundation with a gift towards the Unrestricted Fund.

Who Do We Serve?

Individual people, families and businesses can use the foundation to manage and direct their charitable giving. Churches, non-profit agencies and other organizations can use the foundation for responsible, long-term management of their endowment funds.

Permanent and Perpetual

Since funds are endowed and never spent, they continue to pay dividends perpetually! The profit earned from each fund is paid to specified organizations on a yearly basis.

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