Endowment Honors George S. DeArment

The United Way of Western Crawford County has established an organizational endowment in honor of former Channellock president, George S. DeArment. A charitable remainder trust established by Mr. DeArment in 1989 recently came to term and money from the trust was used to start the endowment.

“George DeArment was a lifelong supporter of the United Way both personally and through Channellock. We’re glad he thought of us when planning his estate and we’re proud to establish this endowment as an everlasting memorial. We encourage others to follow his example,” said Sandra Rossi, Chief Professional Officer, United Way.

The endowment is permanently invested with the Crawford Heritage Foundation, the community foundation serving all of Crawford County. Each and every year—forever—a percentage of the fund’s value will be paid out in the form of a grant.

The United Way of Western Crawford County and its programs help people move beyond the barriers that separate them from a good life by creating long-lasting changes. The United Way educates the public with respect to health and human service needs, provides participating contributors with a single point of collection for charitable contributions and acts as a responsible steward in the efficient and effective distribution of those contributions.