Endowment Helps the Show Go On

The Academy Theatre has helped to entertain Meadville for more than one-hundred years. An organizational endowment established with the Crawford Heritage Foundation to benefit the theatre will help to ensure that they will always be able to present quality performances to the community.

“This endowment will help the theatre present the plays, musicals and concerts for which they are known. It will also assist in preserving the historic landmark. Money given to the fund is permanently invested. A percentage of its value will be paid out as a grant each and every year. As the endowment grows more will be available to support the performing arts,” says Christian Maher, Executive Director of the Foundation.

“We are helping to make this community a great place to live and work through performing arts that entertain, educate and uplift. It is a challenge to raise the money needed to keep the theatre operating. The endowment is one more way we keep our program viable. We hope many people will consider it worthy of their support,” says Kelly McMahon, Managing Director of the theatre.

The Hempstead Society has been established to recognize the generosity of people who include a gift to the endowment in their estate plan. It is named for theatre founder Ernest P. Hempstead. Simply notify the theatre of your intended gift to become a member.

Located at 275 Chestnut Street in Meadville, the Academy Theatre is Crawford County’s premier performing arts venue. The 463-seat theatre hosts a diverse mix of programs including plays, films, and music and dance concerts. For more information, phone 814-337-8000 or visit them on-line at www.theacademytheatre.org.