Fund Helps Promote Manufacturing Careers

The Northwestern Pennsylvania National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) Education Foundation is dedicated to advancing the tool, die and manufacturing industry in the region. They have established an organizational endowment with the Crawford Heritage Foundation to support their work to promote the availability and viability of manufacturing careers and provide educational support to people seeking the skills and training necessary for those jobs.

“Careers in manufacturing are necessary to the advancement of our region and the nation. These jobs pay competitive wages, despite public perception to the contrary. What manufacturers lack is workers with necessary mathematical and technical skills. They need employees with the ability to learn and innovate. We are working to foster a culture where people are always learning. They will need the ability and knowledge to do a job today and adapt to what the job will be tomorrow,” says Jen Kliber, President of the NTMA Education Foundation.

“The endowment is permanently invested. A percentage of its value will be paid out as a grant to the NTMA Education Foundation each and every year. More money will be available to support their educational programs and scholarships as the endowment grows,” says Christian Maher, Executive Director of the Crawford Heritage Foundation.