Fund Helps Support Public Broadcasting

An endowment has been established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to provide support for public broadcasting in our region. The Crawford County for WQLN Fund is a permanent endowment whose purpose is to underwrite WQLN’s television and radio programming.

Dwight Haas, retired executive director of the United Way of Western Crawford County, had the idea for the fund and made the initial gift to get it started.

“I hope other people will follow my lead and give to the endowment,” says Haas. “Public broadcasters are going to have a difficult time as federal support dries up. It will be important for those of us who appreciate WQLN to help make sure they can continue to provide quality programs. I chose to give through the endowment because the money won’t be spent immediately. Instead, it will be invested and a percentage will be paid out each year.”

“As an endowment grows, more money is available to support an organization’s mission,” notes Christian Maher, Executive Director of the Foundation.