Why Is Charitable Giving Important?

Why Is Charitable Giving Important?

When many people think of nonprofits, they think of people responding to national crises or natural disasters. Nonprofits typically gain awareness when responding to a natural disaster or a crisis on a national scale. Nonprofit organizations provide vital services for building strong, vibrant and healthy communities, and their leaders often serve as trusted experts in their field. By combining strong relationships and local knowledge, they can best understand societal needs and how to meet them.
One of the most important ways to support nonprofit organizations and programs is through charitable donations, whether it’s one-time, recurring or part of your estate planning. While monetary donations directly benefit the charity, there are several personal advantages to giving.

Make a Difference In Ways That Interest You

Nearly 30 percent of donations occur in December, but nonprofits rely on contributions 365 days a year to sustain and scale their work. And while year-round giving is important, just as important is the understanding that any donation amount is appreciated. Every financial gift matters, and there’s no donation too small.

When thinking about making a difference through donations, consider that everyone benefits from the efforts of nonprofits in one way or another. Charities support hospitals, historical landmarks, nature preserves, libraries, youth development organizations and more. A nonprofit has likely affected a school you attended, the health of your loved ones, supported hobbies you’re passionate about or the economic development where you live.

Personal Benefits of Giving

To acknowledge donors and show their gratitude, nonprofits publicly recognize the generosity of the donation. While it varies by nonprofit and amount, donors are often recognized with plaques, press releases, website mentions or offered naming rights for buildings.

Another benefit to giving is the feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. In fact, one study found that giving money increased participants’ happiness more than spending it on themselves.

It’s also important to know there are tax write-offs for those who donate to a qualifying organization. Each donation may be tax-deductible, reducing your taxable income. Before donating, confirm that the organization you’re donating to qualifies with the IRS. (Your friends here at the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation are always happy to assist you with this process, too.) Once you’ve donated, hold on to your receipt until it’s time to file taxes.

What Is the Community Foundation Advantage?

With broad expertise in charitable trends and needs, we help people make the most of their donations by giving to endowed funds. Grants are then awarded annually from these funds. Connecting with the right organization to donate to can be overwhelming, especially with more than a million nonprofits in the United States. We can help you decide where and how much to donate, focusing your dollars on the organizations and programs that align with your interests or have a particular need for financial support.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, a community leader, were born and raised in Crawford County, or simply want to make a difference, the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation is here to help provide unbiased guidance. If you are ready to be part of a powerful philanthropy movement, contact Executive Director Christian Maher to learn more or donate now.