The Center Gets Help in Helping Others

An organizational endowment has been established at the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to benefit Center for Family Services, Inc. The Center helps people and families in Crawford County during times of crisis. Food is distributed from several locations to alleviate hunger. Clothing is provided to those who lack adequate attire. People are taught budgeting to help them live within their means. Short-term direct assistance with rent and utility payments is given when extenuating circumstances cause people to fall behind in payments. Housing counselors assist those at-risk of losing their homes.

“Many people in our community—friends and neighbors—live on the edge. A job loss, illness or a death in the family are all it takes to cause them to fall deeper into poverty. This endowment is another way to support us in our work to keep people from falling through the cracks,” says Linda Bennett, Executive Director of The Center.

“The endowment is a permanent investment in the programs of The Center. Each and every year, forever, a percentage will be paid to them as a grant. More money will be available to help them help people as the endowment grows,” says Christian Maher, Executive Director of the Crawford Heritage Foundation.