Pete and Woofie Shafer Honored

Paul & Caroline Shafer

Paul & Caroline Shafer

Two new endowments with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation will honor the memory of Paul (Pete) and Caroline (Woofie) Shafer. Their four children, David Shafer, Anne Shafer Peacock, Timothy Shafer and Susan Shafer Corbran, established the funds to promote the Christian virtues of faith, hope and charity that Pete and Woofie shared with their family and exemplified throughout their lives.

The Paul D. and Caroline S. Shafer Family Scholarship Fund will provide a scholarship to a local student who is enrolled in an accredited theological school, divinity school, seminary or equivalent in a program leading to a master’s or doctoral degree. The Paul D. and Caroline S. Shafer Fund will benefit care and maintenance for a family renewal garden located at Stone United Methodist Church. The funds will pay a percentage of their value each and every year, forever. A scholarship of approximately $900 will first be awarded in 2013.

“We created these funds not to glorify our parents’ lives, but to spread the good news of their example to other families. They understood that life was a challenge that required a firm response. The right action wasn’t always easy; but was characterized by faith, hope, love, steadfastness and commitment. This example encourages and strengthens our family to this day. Their spirit will live on and we hope it will inspire others,” says youngest son, Timothy Shafer.