Organizations Establish Endowment Funds

The Titusville Area United Way, Espyville Cemetery Association and North Richmond Cemetery Association have established funds with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation. An endowed fund provides a permanent source of financial support. The fund is invested and each year a percentage of its value is paid out as a grant. As the endowment grows, more money is available to support the organization’s mission.

The Titusville Area United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of the community to advance the common good. They act as a single point of collection for charitable contributions and distribute that money to health and human service programs that help our neighbors to become healthy, financially stable and educated.

The Espyville Cemetery Association was established in 1897 and operates a cemetery that serves Western Crawford County. Affiliated with North Richmond United Methodist Church, the North Richmond Cemetery Association maintains a cemetery that has been in operation since the 1850’s.