Scholarship to Promote Tool, Die and Manufacturing

Scholarship to Promote Tool, Die and Manufacturing

Well-trained people with technical skills are essential to our region’s tool, die and manufacturing industry. A coalition of industry, education and community partners have made it a priority to build a workforce with those skills. A new tool in their arsenal is a scholarship established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to honor the founders of NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc., Ken and Margaret Deane.
The Kenneth and Margaret Deane Scholarship will support the education of students who plan to pursue certificates or degrees in fields such as mechanical, electrical, technical and/or precision engineering, machining and CNC programming, mechatronics, or robotics.

The Community Foundation has partnered with the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) Education Foundation to administer selection of the scholarship recipients.

“We are proud to expand our alliance with The NTMA Education Foundation beyond the endowment they established in 2010. They have the expertise to review applications and select the best students to receive this award. And, we’re designed to manage the permanent endowment that will provide the money for the scholarship, each and every year, forever,” says Christian Maher, executive director of the community foundation. “Next year, we’ll award the first $500 scholarship from the fund.”

The NTMA Education Foundation promotes development of our region’s workforce to meet the demands of the tool, die and manufacturing industry. Their primary focus is on educating children and young adults about the skills needed to earn a competitive wage in an industry career. They accomplish this through the acclaimed Robobots program and other career exploration opportunities. The Education Foundation also grants scholarships to students who seek to earn certificates and degrees in technical fields.