Fund Helps Support Greendale Cemetery

An endowment has been established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to
provide support for Meadville’s historic Greendale Cemetery. The Greendale Cemetery Fund is
a permanent endowment whose purpose is to provide support for the maintenance and upkeep of
the more than 150 year-old cemetery. The fund was established with an initial contribution from
a former member of its Board of Managers.

“I hope other people will follow my lead and give to the endowment to support this historic
landmark,” said the donor. “When you walk the cemetery grounds, it is easy to forget the time
and expense that goes into caring for more than 200 acres that includes hundreds of monuments,
trees and rhododendrons. It is imperative that those of us who appreciate Greendale make an
effort to preserve it.”

“The key advantage of a permanent endowment is that it won’t be spent immediately. Instead,
the money is invested and a percentage is paid out each year. As the endowment grows, more
money is available to support an organization’s mission,” notes Christian Maher, Executive
Director of the Foundation.