New Titusville Philanthropic Fund Announced

The Crawford Heritage Community Foundation has deepened its commitment to the Titusville community with the establishment of a new permanent endowment—the Titusville Fund. The fund will support meaningful projects that benefit Titusville and those that call it home. Monies will be granted through a twice-yearly competitive grant-making process.

The fund was established with gifts from the Cressman and Steinbuhler families. A committee of local residents will review the requests for grants and recommend projects based on the scope and depth of their impact on the Titusville community.

The foundation currently manages $4.5 million in designated permanent endowments to support Titusville organizations and scholarships, and has granted more than a half million dollars to scholarships and causes in the last four years alone.

While the foundation serves all of Crawford County, it has given more discretionary money to Titusville programs since its establishment in 1998.

Christian Maher, executive director with the foundation explains, “We’ve spent 36% of our discretionary dollars on County-wide initiatives, but we’ve spent 38% of those dollars on Titusville-specific projects and nonprofits.”

Maher adds that, “In contrast, we’ve only actually spent 18% of our discretionary funds on Meadville specific initiatives.”

Maher is excited to see the addition of new funds specifically directed toward Titusville programs and needs. “Titusville is a great community and has many opportunities for the right philanthropic people. We are a strong partner with the Titusville community and working to address its needs.”