4-H Establishes Endowment Fund

Penn State Cooperative Extension has established the 4-H Youth Development in Crawford County Fund with
the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation. The fund will support the activities of the county-wide 4-H
program. An endowed fund provides a permanent source of financial support. The fund is invested and each
year a percentage of its value is paid out as a grant. As the endowment grows, more money is available to
support the organization’s mission.

“This fund will support the entire 4-H program in our community—from individual clubs to competitions at the
Crawford County Fair. We are excited to be a small, but important, part of instilling in our community’s young
people, the 4-H values of Head, Heart, Hands and Health,” said Christian Maher, executive director of the

4-H is a national youth organization that prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their
community and the world. The Crawford County 4-H provides youth an opportunity to increase their
knowledge in a variety of program areas, while teaching life-skills such as decision-making, public speaking,
and leadership. Youth can learn through experience, preparing, designing and evaluating their projects.