Wayland Cemetery Association Creates Endowment

An endowment has been established with the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation to provide support for the Wayland Cemetery in East Mead Township. The Wayland Cemetery Association Endowment Fund is a permanent endowment whose purpose is to provide support for the maintenance and upkeep of the more than 200 year-old cemetery.

“The key advantage of a permanent endowment is that it won’t be spent immediately. Instead, the money is invested and a percentage is paid out each year. As the endowment grows, more money is available to maintain the cemetery’s grounds and grave markers,” notes Christian Maher, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Crawford Heritage Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. They help people make the most of their philanthropy by giving to endowed funds. Grant awards are made from these funds to support the causes donors care about as well as worthwhile programs they select. They manage more than 100 funds, which benefit more than 100 different organizations, scholarships and charitable purposes. More than $6 million has been awarded since they were established in 1998.