Scholarship to Promote Science Careers

Richmond Township resident Lowell Edminster has established the Edminster Science Scholarship in tribute to numerous teachers who awakened his awareness of the universe as well as his forebears, Dale O. Edminster, William S. Edminster, and Junior Dale Edminster. The scholarship will help to subsidize the education of students from the Cambridge Springs and Maplewood attendance areas who study for degrees in the sciences.

“Employment in science careers is expected to grow faster than the average for other occupations over the next eight years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Edminster Science Scholarship will help to ensure that some of our region’s brightest students can prepare for those careers with less concern about how to pay for their education,” says Christian Maher, executive director of the community foundation. “The fund is permanently invested to provide money, each and every year, forever. We expect to award $4,000 in scholarships next year.”